About Us


Ziss Aqua is an Korean company, founded by a team of passionate fish enthusiasts.

In the beginning, the group wanted to find ways to enhance their own growing fish breading hobby.

So they quickly turned to the Internet to see what they could find.

Unfortunately, what they found was a mixture of complex systems, lack of instructional guides and an experience that wasn’t on par with the novice fish keeping community.

By offering high-quality aquatics equipment, with easy to follow instructions, Ziss aqua aims to provide fish keepers of all types the ability to nurture and breed aquatic animals.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced aqua elite, Ziss aqua offers a wide variety of fish keeping options to suit your needs.


Ziss Aqua offers a wide variety of fish breeding equipment for aqua hobby.

Our high quality aqua equipment uses mother nature fundamentals to help raise and keep your precious fish eggs safe and healthy.

Ziss Aqua' unique breeder boxes means you can chain multiple breeder boxes together through a single system. This is a great feature for those that are looking to keep fish fry within one aquarium system..


Ziss Aqua has a strong commitment to quality.

Prior to delivery, all Ziss Aqua components are inspected for quality assurance before being packed and shipped.

Much like keeping fish, we feel that opening and installing and using Ziss Aqua should be a great "experience".

Each Ziss Aqua kit comes with instructions to access set specific installation guides.

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